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We are an experimental research company

TEKPOD Ltd. is a an experimental research and development company in natural sciences and engineering that analyses and ultra-modern technology for commerce. Technologies developed are applied in architecture, robotics, sustainable energy systems, modular systems 'wearables' and games.

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Tekpod research


A holistic view may cause the emergence of differences which radically changes the perception, or a new one is born.

Tekpod Development


During incubation determine the district and eliminate residual factors to develop a very high efficiency.


Cutting edge technology adapts the product to market conditions, to reduce the risks associated with impaired performance.

(#1) Pilot Tehnology

HOMEPOD It is a platform for architectural resources at European level (EC).

Architecture & design

Architecture & Design

The first scientific discovery was made in 2013 and in 2015 was voted in the top 100 most innovative inventions in the UK and was presented at the annual innovation event (InnovateUK 2015).

Information Technology

The first large data packets (BigDATA) we have been entrusted with were from TATA Communications, especially packages of telecommunications between Europe, Asia and America. We thus managed to create our first algorithm to minimize the losses & has been awarded internationally (2014).

Information Technology
Energie Sustenabila

Sustainable Energy

The first energy harvesting device for kinetic energy that collects turbulences was presented at Costain PLC (2014) and was funded in 2015 by InnovateUK for a holistic analysis of the railway network in UK.

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"It is dificult to beat a person that never gives up." Babe Ruth