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VERDI - Wins 2nd place in European competition

Energy efficiency is something new for me, I was introduced in the summer of 2016 through courses sponsored by the European Commission program Nezer where I've learned the best practices in energy efficiency, and later I started re... [...]

GENSSO - A simple management system for telemetry

What dependencies we have under GENSSO? GENSSO is a simple technology which performs complex actions from different actors, thus simplifying most of the data management which is done using telemetric services. Digital world reduc... [...]

Verdi - OSEEE (OpenSoruce Energy Efficient Envelope)

This research looks at an earlier research by Andrei Toma where a thermal envelope has been transformed into a pre-fabricated envelope that it is easy to manage, install or maintain during a building lifecycle. This research draws u... [...]

Self-flocking, high speed drone by TEKPOD

While Facebook and Amazon are doing some kids reasearch drones, we are focusing on more high tech. A drone. Started as a research project in the last year at university. The research was interrogating the use of pressure and the eff... [...]

My green tower: Energy consumption equals zero

Lately there is much talk of energy performance and with John Hossu and Irene Baran and I, started a project of this fantastic scale locally and nationally. We want to transform Iasi in the most efficient city by 2021, starting with to... [...]

Crystallum reticulatum wins Silver at Euroinvent

After a long period where I did ping-pong plane, from London, to Paris, Paris to Warsaw, Warsaw to Iasi, Iasi to London .. OMG ...London is where I won the eyes of investors, who have invested directly, at least to show inventions in L... [...]