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Why us?

We are a team with extraordinary abilities, which were acquired on the international market through innovation, and our products have been awarded by Blue-Chip companies and European research institutions among the most innovative products, year after year ...

  • No more stairs? - we open you the elevator doors
  • Something else? - we provide you the launch station
  • Special thing? - we look for the needle in the haystack
tekpod research


Everything you imagine and believe, becomes space. If someone wouldn't have thought of the chair where you sit on, you were levitating.

tekpod development


Testing all theories in practical applications, and selecting most successful through their strength in linear/non-linear applications.

tekpod production


Discovering an innovative product requires the production of a prototype or a method of analysis before it goes to reach the market.

tekpod strategy


A holistic view requires centralized insight into innovation processes, which may provide extra value to any product.

tekpod consultancy


There are many residual things, but when you want to fix or even want to deepen an idea, we will open horizons of innovation for you.

tekpod innovation


We help you to climb one rung to technnology, trained people, happy customers and not least the market, and then you can take the elevator.

(#1) Pilot Tehnology

HOMEPOD It is a platform for architectural resources at European level (EC).

Proprietary technologies

Follows a list with the latest technology developed by the company
and the main target is the development of sustainable products.